2018-19 School Year–Week Twenty-Three

Well, I’m finally getting a wrap-up done before the next school week starts…I think that’s progress!

Turkey and Bunny started reviewing slope-intercept in math. It’s been awhile, but they remembered how it works fairly quickly. They finished up everything in their science chapter about acids and bases except the review and test…I’m sure they’re really looking forward to that this week! For creative writing, they analyzed the poetic style of a pop song. In history, they read about Charlemagne.

Ladybug learned how to find the area of a circle in math, and also learned about pi. She then used that information to find the volume of a cylinder. In science, she learned about different horse diseases, which was not her favorite topic. In history, she learned about the Black Death, and how it changed much of the way Europe was structured. She’s almost done with her study of King of the Wind…we’re looking forward to reading Brighty of the Grand Canyon next.

Chickadee was a little under the weather last week, so she didn’t do as much school work as usual. It was ok, though, because she had a lot of review last week, especially in math, where she worked on time, money, and bar graphs. Her spelling unit focused on words that have the long “O” sound spelled different ways. We started reading A School of Her Own, which is the next book in the “Grandma’s Attic” series.

I’d still like to schedule a field trip soon…we’ve had a lot of damp, grey days, and there are lot more like them in the forecast, and I think a change of scenery, even for part of a day, would do everyone good!

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