2018-19 School Year–Week Twenty-Five

We made a lot of progress this week!

Turkey and Bunny breezed right through the lesson on the distance and midpoint formulas in math, and are ready to start a new chapter already. They also started the chapter on solutions in science, and I discovered that they already knew some of the information about solubility from listening to Don Wilson advertise Tums on the old Jack Benny radio show…I’m not even kidding! They wrote more poems in their creative writing course, and progressed farther in The Scarlet Letter.

Ladybug had a very exciting week in math…she learned how to bisect angles with a compass! She learned about the Princes in the Tower in history…as much as you can learn, anyway, given that no one knows for sure how that story ended. She continued her literature study of Brighty of the Grand Canyon, and learned about tack, and especially different saddles, in science.

Chickadee learned different ways to spell the “ow” sound this week. She also finished a two-week long series of short stories. Her reading has really taken off! In math, she worked on sequencing and shape names. She also enjoyed hearing more of the stories about Mabel as a teacher in A School of Her Own.

In other news, I finally planned out this year’s summer school. I had a really hard time coming up with an idea, but once I did (we’re going to study Rick Steves’ Europe), the lessons pretty much wrote themselves, and I’m really, really excited about it!

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