2018-19 School Year–Week Twenty-Six

Finally, the end of February!

Turkey and Bunny learned how to graph circles and ellipses in math, and if you’ll pardon the pun, discovered that there’s a bit of a learning curve to doing them correctly. In science, they studied exothermic and endothermic processes. Their history lessons focused on Basil, Cyril, Methodius and the creation of Moldavia. They also analyzed the rhyme scheme of a poem in creative writing.

Ladybug used what she learned about bisecting angles last week to construct other shapes this week. In science, she learned about the different markings on horses, and the effect they can have. She read about the kingdoms of Spain and Portugal in history. She also read and analyzed a short story in writing.

Chickadee got to read a story about elephants this week, which was very exciting to her, because elephants are her favorite animal! She had a review lesson in spelling, which was also exciting, because it meant she didn’t have a test. She practiced skip counting in math.

So March is finally here, which is always a relief. We’re looking forward to our spring break in a couple of weeks, but first we have to face another snowstorm…but spring will be here soon (I hope!).

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