New Dishes

Ryan and I will be celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary in May. And after 18 years, and a family of seven using the original set(s) of dishes we received as wedding gifts, our plates and bowls were looking a bit…worn. Chipped, scratched, pieces lost to breakage, leaving us short on bowls like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve been kind of half-heartedly looking for new place settings for a while. I thought maybe I’d like to go with Fiestaware, and let every family member pick their own color. Until I realized how heavy that many settings of Fiestaware would be, and how much space they would take up. So I abandoned that idea. I did know that I really wanted square plates if at all possible, because I’ve been admiring the way they look whenever I’ve encountered them for years. And then I discovered that Pfaltzgraff, the maker of our original, everyday dishes, had square plates. In our original pattern (Filigree).

In the end, I didn’t even have to wait too long for a sale that made them cheaper than the original place settings we bought such a long time ago. Being older and wiser, I realized that we didn’t need more mugs and saucers, so we just ordered dinner plates, salad/dessert plates, and bowls. Plus one new serving bowl, because I always seem to run short of those. I love that I found something so similar and familiar, yet with an update I really wanted!

We’re all really excited about using our new dishes, but I have to wonder…who will be the first to break one?

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