2018-19 School Year–Week Thirty

What a week! Turkey and Bunny finished The Scarlet Letter. They both said it wasn’t a very interesting book, but I think the very good discussions we had, and their reactions to the story, suggest otherwise. They also finished the first chapter on thermodynamics in science. In math, they graphed two equations on the same plane, and calculated their intersection points. They spent time in medieval India and Korea in history.

Ladybug has reached my favorite period of time in history…that surrounding Martin Luther and the Reformation, which included the story of Henry VIII and his many wives. She worked on taking notes on index cards in writing. In science, she read about hackneys. Her math involved a lot of review, including using base-2, which she isn’t really a fan of.

Chickadee is now reading whole books on her own! She started with a classic, Green Eggs and Ham, and also read Hop on Pop and Put Me in the Zoo. It has been a lot of fun to see her older siblings’ reactions to this, because they have a lot of fond memories of reading those books themselves. Turkey, in particular, is excited for her to read Go, Dog, Go, because it was one of his favorite first books to read to himself, which I didn’t even realize until he told me about his memories of it this week!

We never did go on the field trip I had hoped for this week…instead, we stayed home during our roof replacement on Tuesday, which was a learning experience itself! We are definitely going to the Missouri History Museum in a little over a week, though, and we’ll also be visiting the St. Louis Science Center at some point this month…and if I’m really ambitious, we may visit another new-to-us location, as well!

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