2019-2020 School Year–Week One+

We’ve already finished over a week of the 2019-20 school year! A week ago Wednesday, we kicked off 11th, seventh, and second grades with our traditional first day of school:

And spent the remaining two days of the week slowly easing into all of our subjects. By the beginning of this week, we had begun everything!

This year, Turkey and Bunny are studying the Book of Concord in religion, beginning with the Augsburg Confession. They’re doing pre-calculus for math, and started with a review of sine, cosine, and tangent before moving on to secant, cosecant, and cotangent. They began the third “season” of Analytical Grammar, and the first lesson is all about two common comma mistakes…comma splices and comma splits. (They also got to see me hop up on my Oxford comma soapbox! #TeamOxfordComma) They started their first literature study of the year, and it’s one year all excited about it: The Divine Comedy. They also got to work on the next level of Writing Strands, which is kind of a let-down after a year of creative writing. They’re taking both physics for science this year and an elective of health, which according to Turkey means they’re actually taking two science courses. They’re also taking two history courses…the third year of the history cycle as well as US history.

Ladybug is doing an overview of Bible history in religion this year. She’s also doing pre-algebra in math…I hope we both survive! She started with negative and positive numbers and absolute values. Her first literature study is The Hobbit. She’s already enjoying it so much, she decided to start reading The Fellowship of the Ring for fun…I hope she doesn’t find it too confusing! She also got started on all of her language arts topics, including writing, spelling, and vocabulary. She’s very excited about a year of general science, which promises to have lots of experiments (she’s already gotten to do two of them!). She is also on the third year of the history cycle.

Chickadee will be focusing on memorizing Luther’s Small Catechism in religion this year. She’s also reading through a beginner’s Bible in language arts, along with doing things like First Language Lessons, spelling, Explode the Code, and handwriting. She is working on second grade math, which has been all review so far. She has finally started on her own literature studies, beginning with Little House in the Big Woods. In science, she’ll be learning about astronomy, which is very exciting. She’s also listening in on the third year of the history cycle.

Here’s a look at some of our science fun from this week:

In addition to all of that, the children will continue singing in their various choirs, learning a language with DuoLingo, and playing tennis (when the weather permits). I’m very excited about this school year, because everyone is going to be learning such interesting things!

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