2019-20 School Year–Week Six

We finally had the outdoors field trip that I’ve been waiting for! On Monday morning, I walked outside, and realized that the weather was too nice to stay indoors. So we headed to the St. Louis Zoo, where we enjoyed a beautiful walk and learned a few things (especially about the zoo’s resident polar bear).

The rest of the week we focused on our regular work. Turkey and Bunny worked on applying the functions they’ve learned for the last few weeks in pre-calculus to different triangles. They started the first of two chapters on two-dimensional motion in physics, and practiced the graphical method of adding vectors. Their history lessons focused on India. In their literature study of “The Purgatorio,” they began a chart detailing the different cornices of Purgatory.

Ladybug read one of my favorite obscure Bible stories this week…Balaam and his talking donkey. In math, she started working with powers of ten. She finished the third chapter of her science curriculum. In history, she learned about the Defenestration of Prague and the 30 Years’ War. The Company found Smaug in her study of The Hobbit.

Chickadee finished Little House in the Big Woods this week. (She has also started calling me “Ma,” and I assume the two are related!) In math, she reviewed adding three two-digit numbers. She continued to read about Mercury in science, including learning how many Earth days are in both a Mercury year and day.

I have one more nice-weather field trip planned before we get too far into fall…I’m hoping we might make that happen next week!

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