2019-20 School Year–Week Eight

After so many busy weeks, this week was actually fairly laid-back, which I really appreciated!

Turkey and Bunny continued to work with reference angles in pre-calculus this week. Their physics studies were related to that, as they practiced vector addition. They completed the chart they created to keep track of the five parts of each cornice in the “The Purgatorio.” In history, they read about Saladin. They also finished the chapter on interpersonal relationships in health.

Ladybug reviewed adding and subtracting fractions in math, as well as converting fractions to decimals. She started learning about simple machines in science, beginning with the lever. In history, she read about the end of China’s Ming Dynasty. She finished The Hobbit…we’re looking forward to starting Anne of Green Gables next week! She also created a brainstorming map for her next writing assignment.

Chickadee worked on “magic squares” in math. She continued reading Tales from Beatrix Potter…”The Tale of Benjamin Bunny” was a favorite. She has also been reading through a biography of Mister Rogers with me. She’s still working on nouns in First Language Lessons, and she’s also memorizing her third poem.

And finally, a photo not from school, but so fun, I had to share. We saw the Stanley Cup car in St. Louis, so of I course I had to take a picture!

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