2019-20 School Year–Week Thirteen

Another late recap, because it was another crazy week! My last wrap-up came at the end of a long weekend…or what I thought was the end of a long weekend. As it turned out, we had some snow last Monday, and Moose’s school ended up being cancelled on Tuesday, stretching his long birthday weekend to a full six days! I didn’t want to take another full day off from school here, so I let my students have an independent study day that day, where they could work on current assignments on their own, work ahead on what they could, and catch up on anything they needed to (well, except for Chickadee…I worked with her on a few things, and then she got to watch The Magic School Bus). I think it was a refreshing change to our school day, and I may think about doing it again sometime!

In the end, we only had three standard days of school last week, but we still got a lot done. Turkey and Bunny started working with sum and difference identities in pre-calculus…they weren’t exactly thrilled about that. They finished the chapter on Newton’s Laws in physics. In history, they read about the crusade against the Cathars…they are not fans of Pope Innocent III! They are almost finished with “The Paradiso”…they’re almost to the fixed stars, and have encountered Peter, James, and John.

Ladybug calculated discounts with percents in pre-algebra. We got to read the funniest parts of Anne of Green Gables…both when she hit Gilbert with her slate, and when she unintentionally got Diana drunk. She learned about the internal, external, and bibliographic tests in relation to ancient documents in science. in history, she read about William Penn and the colony he created.

Chickadee continued to practice borrowing when subtracting in math. She learned about pronouns in language arts. In science, she finished up her chapter on the Earth. She’s especially excited about reading some of our Thanksgiving books this week!

I guess things are going to get busier before they slow down, but we’ve got a lot of fun things to look forward to!

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