The First Day of Advent

Advent has always been a big deal in our home. Hanging an ornament on the Jesse Tree each day, reading special stories, opening the doors on Lego Advents calendars that don’t always match up with the actual number of days in the season (although this year they do!), lighting an increasing number of candles in the Advent wreath during evening prayers are all things we look forward to. But this year, I added a few extra special things in!

The children are going to build the big Lego Hogwarts Castle throughout the days of Advent this month (to go along with their Lego Harry Potter Advent calendars). I got this idea from a friend last year, and we were able to afford the mammoth set this spring, which I’ve been saving just for this season. They will be building between one and three of the 37 bags each day of Advent (they started with bags one through three today), and the castle will be complete on Christmas Eve. I can’t wait to see it come together!

I also bought Advent calendars from Aldi for Ryan and me this year. Ryan’s is a cheese variety, and I will be trying a new type of wine each night. I haven’t had my own Advent calendar since I was in high school and sold chocolate Advent calendars for German Club! Tonight I enjoyed Rosé-Brut from Spain:

And, as long as I’m keeping a record of our Advent activities this year, I’m also going to track the Christmas brooches I wear. I probably won’t wear one every day, but I intend to wear them as often as possible!

I’m really excited that we have something new to do to help make this season of anticipation extra special this year!

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