2019-20 School Year–Week Fifteen

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any busier, Advent started! That makes everything around here, including school, extra crazy! Turkey and Bunny finished their study of the Augsburg Confession…we’re going to wait until after Christmas break to start reading the Formula of Concord. They learned about double angle and half angle identities in pre-calculus. In American history, they read about the election of George Washington as the first president of the United States, and in world history, they focused on Sri Lanka. In health, they finished the chapter on the digestive and urinary systems. They applied Newton’s Law to more than one object in physics.

Ladybug calculated mean, median, and mode in pre-algebra. We took a short break from Anne of Green Gables to read Tolkien’s Letters from Father Christmas, which is a lovely book. In history, she learned about Russia and Peter the Great. Her science lessons focused on the different types of unconformities. And here’s a look at the crystal she started growing a few weeks ago…she’s very happy with how it turned out!

Chickadee continued to work on multiplication…she added 10s to the 1s and 0s she was already learning. In science, she read about the phases of the moon. She’s also still working on verbs in language arts. The real theme for her last week, though, was stories. We’re continuing to read Alice in Wonderland, and she’s been listening in on Letters from Father Christmas. Ladybug has also been reading one of our favorite Advent stories, Jotham’s Journey to her, in addition to our daily Jesse Tree readings.

I still haven’t decided when our Christmas vacation is going to start, but I know we have at least six school days before then. I won’t lie…I’m looking forward to taking a break!

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