2019-20 School Year–Week Eighteen

We got back to work this week after our Christmas break…never an easy thing to do!

Turkey and Bunny hit the ground running. They started working with the law of cosines in pre-calculus. They also began reading The Hound of the Baskervilles for their next literature study. In American history, they learned about the War of 1812. And in physics, they started a chapter on centripetal force.

Ladybug worked with probabilities in pre-algebra. She continued her literature study of Anne of Green Gables. In history, she read about the collapse of the Indian Empire, and the beginning of the British takeover of that country. Her science lessons focused on different kinds of fossilization.

Chickadee continued learning multiplication facts in math. She reviewed all of the poems she’s memorized this year, as well as all of the parts of speech she’s studied in language arts. She also returned to catechesis for the first time in almost a month!

This can be a dull time of year…I’m hoping for a field trip or two to brighten our days a bit!

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