2019-20 School Year–Week Twenty-Four

We finally got to go on a field trip this week! The St. Louis Science Center is hosting an exhibit about DaVinci, and I was just waiting for the right moment to go, which turned out to be Monday. It’s really cool, with lots of hands-on activities and replicas of DaVinci’s inventions and artwork, and we really enjoyed it!

On to the rest of the week. Turkey and Bunny began the first of several lessons on functions in pre-calculus. They finished the first act of The Merchant of Venice, and they even got to compare Shylock’s character with the Ferengi of Star Trek. In history, they read about the sultanate of Delhi. Their health lessons focused on the cardiovascular system. They finished the chapter on periodic motion in physics

Ladybug learned about skew lines in pre-algebra. She worked on outlining and rewriting in her writing course. In history, she learned about one of my favorite monarchs of the 1700s, Catherine the Great. She finished the lesson on the five kingdom system in science.

Chickadee worked on carrying to the thousands’ place in math. She continued learning about space rocks, adding asteroids to what she knows about comets. She started reading the Frog and Toad books, which I’m very excited about, because they were some of my favorite stories when I was a child!

There are still a few other field trips I have planned for the coming weeks, but I’m not sure when we’re going to get around to them…I may space them out a bit more, but I haven’t decided yet!

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