2019-20 School Year–Week Twenty-Five

Finally, the end of February! We didn’t go on any field trips this week, although we did have kind of a half day today, which helped a bit. February is just the worst month for school!

Turkey and Bunny worked on functions of a function in pre-calculus, and found it super easy. They started a chapter on waves in physics. The read Acts II and III of The Merchant of Venice, and encountered some of the funniest moments in the play. We had a really interesting discussion about Robert E. Lee after studying him in US history. In world history, they read about Robert the Bruce…they thought he was way more interesting than William Wallace!

Ladybug learned about supplementary and complementary angles, as well as alternate interior and exterior angles, in pre-algebra. She started a chapter on human biology in science. In history, she read about the invention of the steam engine, as well as Eli Whitney’s cotton gin. We discovered that although The Door in the Wall is a small book, it takes a long time to get through it!

Chickadee learned about ratios in math…even though I’ve taught it before, I was still surprised that it came up already! She also learned the difference between meteoroids, meteors, and meteorites in science. Her spelling lesson focused on words that are contractions. She continued to read to me from the Frog and Toad books, which we both enjoyed!

Looking forward to next week, because it will finally be March!

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