2019-20 School Year–Week Twenty-Nine

Another week displaced in time!

Who even knows what we did this week? I do know that Turkey and Bunny learned about secant and cosecant waves in pre-calculus. In physics they studied Coulomb’s Law. They also began a study on Elizabethan poetry and prose.

Ladybug learned about sine, cosine, and tangent in pre-algebra. In history, she learned more about Napoleon (which also lead to a study of the 1812 Overture) and Waterloo. She finished the chapter on cellular energy in science.

Chickadee started measuring in centimeters. She also read Greg’s Microscope. She finished the chapter on Jupiter in science.

We also had fun making some sidewalk art to brighten our neighbors’ days…it seems like everyone is out walking more now!

I think next week, even though we won’t have the church commitments we were originally planning on, will be a short week. Maybe regrouping will help a bit!

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