2019-20 School Year–Week Thirty

Another week of school is done, and now we’re taking a long weekend for Easter…we really need it!

Turkey and Bunny finished up chapters in pre-calculus, health, and physics. We’re getting really close to the end of those textbooks! They’ve been learning about the Gilded Age and Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Morgan in US history.

It’s been really interesting to watch how Moose does his distance learning. He has videos to watch for science, online worksheets to do for math, and has even gotten to record himself playing his clarinet for band! We also make sure to take a walk every day for his P.E. requirement, which may not be as much fun as playing tennis, but at least gives us a chance to get some fresh air, sunshine, and physical activity!

Ladybug started learning about polynomials in pre-algebra. She also began a chapter on digestion in science. We read about Simón Bolívar and his vision of a United States of South America in history. She read Robin Hood this week in preparation of writing a paper about it next week.

Chickadee continued reviewing multiplication facts in math. She started a chapter on Saturn in science. She has continued her spelling lessons, although, I have to confess, it’s been a few weeks since she had a spelling test.

We’ll get back to work on Tuesday, but finding the motivation to do our work, especially without having any field trips to look forward to, is probably going to continue to be an issue!

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