What We’re Cooking–Summer School 2020

Like pretty much everything else this year, Summer School 2020 isn’t what it was supposed to be. This was supposed to be an Olympic year, and we were really excited about Tokyo 2020, and all of the fun things we were going to do that involved learning about Japan and Japanese culture. But you have to roll with the punches, so I came up with a new theme to tide us over until next summer, when we’ll hopefully have our Olympics-themed unit. Instead, this year, we’re going to do something very hands-on and practical, and learn how to cook!

Instead of our usual reading selections, I’ve come up with a list of cookbooks that we’ll be using this summer. Most are old favorites of mine (and not listed is the giant binder of family recipes I put together myself), but the first one is a recently-published book that I bought for this summer. I thought that having a kids’ cookbook would be a helpful jumping-off point for me, as far as figuring out where we should start, and what cooking basics I should cover first.

  • The Big, Fun Kids Cookbook
  • Food Network Magazine
  • Eat Your Way Around the World
  • Entertaining with Disney
  • The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook
  • Eat Like a Gilmore
  • A Literary Tea Party
  • Mastering the Art of French Cooking

Do you have a favorite cookbook?

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