The Transformation of the School Room

Since I’m already feeling nostalgic about this being Turkey’s and Bunny’s final year of homeschooling, I thought I’d take a look way back, and see how our school year looked back then in kindergarten and now…it’s undergone quite a transformation! The first few years, we did school in our “extra” bedroom (now Ryan’s office), and the furniture consisted of two bookshelves, a card table and two folding chairs, and a rocking chair for the teacher. That was it, and that was really all we needed when Turkey and Bunny were in the early elementary grades.

Our educational space (technically spaces, I guess), has gone through many iterations, but we’ve been doing school in the “bonus room” (formerly the play room), of our house for many years. We now have eight regular bookshelves, plus four other non-standard ones, five student desks and chairs, a computer desk, and a cubby organizer, plus a recliner for the teacher. And we won’t even get into how many more books (and Lego sets!) we have now!

Of course this doesn’t even take into consideration all the ways we’ve rearranged our current room over the years…and there have been a lot of rearrangements, from the time we had a huge corner sofa until now! What a difference a decade-plus makes!

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