2020-21 School Year–Week Four

Hymn of the Week–“God’s Own Child, I Gladly Say It” (Lutheran Service Book #594)

At this point, I think we’ve really settled into a routine!

Turkey and Bunny worked with functions in calculus. They read about several different types of writing (including travel and business), in On Writing Well. They finished the second chapter of advanced biology and started the fifth act of Macbeth. In history, they read the second book of the March trilogy, and learned about Hernando de Soto in 1491.

Ladybug went through algebraic properties in algebra. In history, she and Chickadee learned about the Dominion of Canada. She finished As You Like It…we’re looking forward to starting The Trojan War next week! She learned about water in science. She also started working on her first big writing project of the year.

Chickadee read more about how the Wilder family ate in Farmer Boy (she is very impressed with how often they have cookies, which is saying something given that we bake cookies every week!). She reviewed Roman numerals in math. In science, she learned about bird calls and songs.

Next week marks a full month of school in the books!

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