COVID Dreams

I’m not the only one having weird dreams in the time of coronavirus, right?

I have a specific recurring dream that always ends one of two ways. I’m in a store…Target, Walmart, Schnucks, wherever…and I’m happily shopping when I suddenly realize that I don’t have my mask on. The more common ending to that dream is one where I freak out because I realize no one else is wearing a mask, either, leaving us all vulnerable to whatever germs everyone might be carrying. Occasionally, though, the dream ends with an angry mob chasing me out of the store for not wearing a mask, and me feeling stupid, and also like I should explain that I always wear a mask everywhere, honest, but this one time I forgot.

I’ve also had a weird dream about using hand sanitizer, and what was supposed to be a normal application ends with me having a handful of the stuff. Which sometimes seems like it’s actually happening, because if you don’t squeeze the bottle just right, you end up with way more than you were expecting.

Have you had any weird COVID-19 related dreams?

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