Advent 2020–Day One

We had so much fun building the Lego Hogwarts Castle throughout Advent last year that I knew I wanted to repeat a Lego project this year. So way back in February, I bought the Lego Millennium Falcon (the big one!), not only as an Advent activity for 2020, but also as a way to build anticipation for the trip to Disney World, and especially Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, that we had planned for summer 2021.

Well, you know what they say…man plans, and God laughs. He may not be laughing, but our plans…well, they went the way of COVID-19. We’re still hoping to take that trip, but it won’t be next summer. So, as a family, we decided to hold on to the Millennium Falcon until the Advent before our trip (whenever that may be), and this year, we’re going to build the Diagon Alley set I impulse bought when it came out this summer.

Instead of dividing the builds up by bag number (this time, there are less bags than there are days of Advent), we’re going to start by building about 15 steps a day. The first instruction book coincides with the first of four buildings on the street, which houses Ollivanders and Scribbulus, and tonight, Turkey built the floor and the first shelf.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how this set comes together!

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