2020-21 School Year–Week Fifteen+

Hymn of the Week (Thanksgiving)–“Praise and Thanksgiving” (Lutheran Service Book #789)

I’m not even going to pretend that I remember what we did on Monday and Tuesday last week, which seems like an eternity ago, so here’s a look at this year’s Thankful Tree, plus the hand-and-footprint turkeys the Fab Five made:

Hymn of the Week–“Savior of the Nations, Come” (Lutheran Service Book #332)

Lots going on this week, though! We started all of our favorite Advent traditions…the Jesse Tree, Advent calendars, the Advent wreath, and reading A Christmas Carol and our Arnold Ytreeide selection for this year, Tabitha’s Travels. Chickadee also picked a different storybook off our Christmas shelf each day, and we read them aloud:

  • The Muppet Christmas Carol
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
  • Eloise at Christmastime
  • The Nutcracker Comes to America
  • Too Many Tamales

Oh, we had our regular schoolwork, too. Turkey and Bunny worked with implicit differentiation in calculus. They began a chapter on the nervous system in advanced biology. In psychology, they learned about the psychology behind hunger and friendship. They read about the Deep South, the Midlands, and Greater Appalachia in history.

Ladybug factored polynomials in algebra. In history, she and Chickadee read about the Balkan Wars…WWI is not far off! She learned about the different kinds of chemical reactions in science. The voyage is almost ready to begin in Treasure Island.

Chickadee worked on carrying while multiplying in math. She had her first 20 word spelling test! Her writing assignments were based on excerpts from The Mouse and the Motorcycle, so she decided to read the whole book. In science, she learned about nest-building and eggs.

In other news, I also finally found (and built) an Advent wreath for our school room..it’s perfect!

Only one more true week of school before we break for Christmas!

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