Sartorial Saturday–Blooming Bells

I received my most recent Erstwilder order this week, and my newest brooch is already, out of my whole collection, one of the most meaningful to me:

The Erstwilder “Blooming Bells” brooch is, to me, my Animal Crossing brooch. When I first saw the lily-of-the-valley brooch in their Floral Affair collection, I knew I was going to order it because it looks like the beautiful flower that shows up in your game when you achieve a perfect island rating. And then I noticed the title of the brooch, and liked it even more, because by chance the name reflected not only the bell-like shape of the flowers, but also the currency in the Animal Crossing games. And then I read the actual description of the brooch: “A five out of five flower. A beautiful blossom of bells, to spruce up your island home.” Of course it was at that moment that I realized that it wasn’t a coincidence…Erstwilder created this brooch with my favorite game in mind!

I really feel like I deserve to wear this brooch, since I earned a perfect rating on Gloriana last year!

In the language of flowers, the lily-of-the-valley can mean a return to happiness, which seems especially appropriate this year.

I can’t think of a more perfect brooch to add to my collection!

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