Sartorial Saturday–The Top Five Favorite Fashion Purchases of 2021

Time for one last “Top Five” list for 2021!

2021 was a year where I explored new options for my wardrobe, found some new favorite retailers, and really discovered what I like and I want I don’t in my clothing and accessories. I added some special pieces to my collection, starting with this Erstwilder brooch inspired by Animal Crossing:

Speaking of Animal Crossing, I have never been as excited about a makeup collection as I was about the ColourPopxAnimal Crossing collaboration!

Miss Candyfloss quickly became my favorite vintage-inspired clothing brand in 2021, and I think the Myrtle-Sun dress was my favorite out of the ones I purchased (although, everything I have in my closet from their brand is simply amazing!):

I explored my heritage in a sartorial way this year by adding two dirndls from Rare Dirndl to my wardrobe. They’re both beautiful, but I’m sharing “Die Heimat” because the other was a gift, so not technically something I purchased myself.

And finally, a look at a few pieces from Splendette’s Christmas line…this is my favorite Christmas collection they’ve offered to date!

I’m looking forward to discovering what new things all of my favorite brands offer in 2022!

Sartorial Saturday–Blooming Bells

I received my most recent Erstwilder order this week, and my newest brooch is already, out of my whole collection, one of the most meaningful to me:

The Erstwilder “Blooming Bells” brooch is, to me, my Animal Crossing brooch. When I first saw the lily-of-the-valley brooch in their Floral Affair collection, I knew I was going to order it because it looks like the beautiful flower that shows up in your game when you achieve a perfect island rating. And then I noticed the title of the brooch, and liked it even more, because by chance the name reflected not only the bell-like shape of the flowers, but also the currency in the Animal Crossing games. And then I read the actual description of the brooch: “A five out of five flower. A beautiful blossom of bells, to spruce up your island home.” Of course it was at that moment that I realized that it wasn’t a coincidence…Erstwilder created this brooch with my favorite game in mind!

I really feel like I deserve to wear this brooch, since I earned a perfect rating on Gloriana last year!

In the language of flowers, the lily-of-the-valley can mean a return to happiness, which seems especially appropriate this year.

I can’t think of a more perfect brooch to add to my collection!

The Perfect Island

Today was a Very Exciting Day…after four-plus months of playing every day, I finally achieved a 5-star rating in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! I have a perfect island!!!

The awards for such a rating, besides my residents’ ovation and fame forever, are a lily-of-the-valley plant and a golden watering can. The flower, in particular, is a prized item to me, because I haven’t achieved a perfect rating in every Animal Crossing game, so when I do finally get one, it’s a Big Deal. I’m so happy my animals like living on Gloriana so much…I’ve put a lot of work into designing it!