Sartorial Saturday–Mad for Plaid

If you think this plaid looks familiar, you’re right! I was so impressed with the beautiful colors in this pattern on my Hiva-Blush sunsuit from Miss Candyfloss that I couldn’t resist the Myrtle-Sun dress in the same plaid, which reminds me of a summer sunset! And I don’t love just the cheerful colors…it’s also an amazingly flattering dress!

Speaking of bright colors, I have just the right Splendette bangles to complete the look!

The neckline on this dress is so pretty!

It looks like a halter from the front, but you can see in the back that there’s more substance than just a tie around the neck (which I can’t wear comfortably). There’s also a darling little bow detail, which I love!

This is definitely one of my favorite pieces from Miss Candyfloss…I love everything about it, and I’m super excited to wear it this summer!

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