2020-21 School Year–Week Twenty

Hymn of the Week–“Swiftly Pass the Clouds of Glory” (Lutheran Service Book #416)


Turkey and Bunny applied what they’ve learned in calculus so far to economics problems, and they both did a great job with it (even if they did observe that neither of them is planning on going into business). Their advanced biology lessons focused on the senses. They read all about the guillotine in A Tale of Two Cities.

Ladybug started using the quadratic formula in algebra. She is working on a movie review for her current writing assignment, and was very excited to have an excuse to watch Onward again. We read about each of the three branches of government and how the US Constitution defines each of their responsibilities.

Chickadee learned how to calculate area in math. We finished reading A Bear Called Paddington…next week, we start Charlotte’s Web. She started a chapter on pterosaurs in science. She and Ladybug started reading about WWII in history.

It’s supposed to be pretty cold next week, so at least that’s something different, even if it doesn’t really have anything to do with school…I think we’re all suffering from a serious case of boredom!

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