2020-21 School Year–Week Twenty-Four

Hymn of the Week–“In Silent Pain the Eternal Son” (Lutheran Service Book #432)

I’m so glad it’s finally March! At least I think I am…it is hard to think about the fact that we’ve been dealing with COVID-19 for a whole year, so that does put a damper on things a bit.

Turkey and Bunny learned integration formulas in calculus. They finished reading A Farewell to Arms. We started discussing what is probably the most controversial book in our list for this year: A People’s History of the United States. They learned about blood typing in advanced biology.

Ladybug did word problems focusing on concentrations in solutions in algebra. In history, she and Chickadee learned about the beginning of apartheid in South Africa, and Mao and the Chinese Communist Party. She reviewed all of the topoi she’s learned in writing.

Chickadee began learning some basic geometry terms in math. We continued to add to her list of prepositions in grammar. We finished learning about the different sections of an insect’s body in science, focusing on the thorax and abdomen.

I’m already looking forward to our spring break at the end of the month!

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