2020-21 School Year–Week Thirty-Two

Hymn of the Week–“Up through Endless Ranks of Angels” (Lutheran Service Book #491)

We’re so close to the end!

Turkey and Bunny spent a lot of time this week studying for their final exams in calculus and psychology, as well as working on their final term papers. They also finished up the respiratory system in advanced biology. They started their final poetry study of high school…so far they read poems by Thomas Gray and the great Scottish bard Rabbie Burns (sadly, not the “Address to a Haggis,” though).

Ladybug had a week of review in algebra…she was surprised by how much she remembered from the beginning of the year. She started a chapter on geology in science, and got to do a family favorite experiment with plastic rock. In history, she and Chickadee read about Tiananmen Square and the end of apartheid in South Africa…it’s always a little strange when they get to the point where I have memories of historical events!

Chickadee also had a lot of review in math, including a refresher on the units of the English and metric systems. In science, she read about pests like mosquitoes and robber flies. We’re almost finished with Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle. She reviewed all of the types of verbs in grammar.

We have a really fun outing planned for next week…I hope the weather cooperates!

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