A Museum Tour

I think this is the final entry in my Animal Crossing: New Horizons “Island Tour” series (unless someone has a suggestion for another tour I could take)!

I know the museum is pretty standard from island to island, but I wanted to share a look at the museum on Gloriana through my eyes, which will hopefully offer a unique perspective, starting with the beautiful entrance:

I am nowhere near collecting all of the art, but I think I’ve done better in this game than I have in any previous Animal Crossing game. It would be nice if I didn’t keep getting forgeries from Crazy Redd and even sometimes my neighbors. I’m sharing photos of some of my favorite spaces in the art galleries, including the “Informative Statue” (Rosetta Stone) that was a gift to me from Roald.

The fossils are by far the easiest collection to complete…I had them all within a few months of playing the game. I really like how the displays are set up, and the spot in the main room that zooms out so you can really see the skeletons is a great detail!

My insectarium is almost complete…I’m only missing a handful of bugs. For the first time in an Animal Crossing game, I managed to catch both a tarantula and a scorpion without asking for help! The butterfly room is gorgeous, and I also like the addition of the laboratory.

My favorite part of the museum is the aquarium. The colors and light are so beautiful, and it all looks so real! I’m also missing a few creatures here…hopefully I’ll add them soon! I have enjoyed many visits to this spot by myself, with my neighbors, and with visitors to my island (so, my daughters).

No trip to the museum would be complete without stopping by to see Blathie. I do miss the days when Celeste and Brewster also both had spaces in the museum, though!

I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a look at Gloriana…if you want to walk around for yourself, my Dream Address is DA-5313-0640-4319.

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