2021-22 School Year–Week One

I’m not going to lie…this week was weird. Having only two students in my homeschool is weird. Taking Moose to high school in the building for the first time as a sophomore was weird. Going with Turkey and Bunny to buy college textbooks was weird.

Weirdness aside, it was a pretty good week. I think we got most, if not all, of our subjects started. Ladybug began geometry, and most of it was review, so that was nice for her. She started her study of comparative religions by learning about Judaism. She is studying biology this year, so we reviewed the qualifications for life. We also began reading Little Women.

Chickadee also did review in math. She’s learning about swimming creatures in science this year, so we started with a discussion about ocean currents. We began her study of geography by learning how to read a map. She also started on the various components of her language arts lessons.

I suppose next week will be weird, too, with Turkey and Bunny having their first college classes. Hopefully after that, things settle down a bit, and we figure out our new normal!

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