Sartorial Saturday–The Perfect Shade of Red

Would you believe that I’ve never found a shade of red lipstick that I actually like on myself? Until recently, that is! Bésame Cosmetics began offering a “Holiday Red” lipstick and nail polish set prior to Christmas, and I figured if ever there was going to be a red that suited me, it would be a holiday shade!

I wasn’t wrong. This gorgeous bright red lipstick with gold shimmer was inspired by Lite Brite Christmas ornaments from the 50s, and is just perfect for me!

This is also the first time I’ve tried a Bésame nail polish, and I really like it. It wore well, even though I was really busy in the kitchen getting ready for Christmas. And I love the vintage shape of the bottle!

Red lipstick is such an iconic part of a retro look, and I always felt kind of left out…I’m really excited to have finally found a formula of the classic bold shade that makes me feel confident!

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