2021-22 School Year–Weeks Twenty-Seven and Twenty-Eight(ish)

Since Holy Week is always a short week of school for us, I decided to wait and wrap up last week’s lessons with the few days we had this week.

Ladybug worked on proving triangles similar in geometry. In biology she learned about the structure of various types of worms, including roundworms ad flatworms. We moved on to a new study in religion about different religious texts, starting with the Old and New Testaments and then the Gospel of Thomas. She finished Act 4 of Henry V. In history, she read about Judas Maccabaeus and the Seleucids.

Chickadee skipped ahead in her Bible story book to read the Holy Week stories. Since she completed her final literature study of the year already, we began reading the White Stallion of Lipizza together, just for fun. In science, she learned about sea stars and sand dollars. In math, she practiced measuring with centimeters and millimeters. Her study of geography took her to the southeastern United States, where she learned about one of our vacation destinations, Florida.

We’ll get back to work next Tuesday, at which point, we’ll have less than a month of school left!

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