2022-23 School Year–Week One

We survived the first week of school!

I think we got pretty much everything started this week. We’re using the Treasury of Daily Prayer for religion this year, so we can really focus on Scripture readings and additional writings. It’s nice to have something we can all do together! Ladybug got started with algebra 2…so far, she’s been reviewing exponents. Much to her dismay, she started reading Romeo and Juliet. She’s working on creative writing this year…I can’t wait to see what she comes up with! We picked up the second year of her grammar curriculum, which began with participle phrases. She also got started with chemistry, learning about matter, and reviewing conversions between systems of measurement. She started The History of the Medieval World by reading about Constantine.

Chickadee reviewed fractions and measurements in math. We started reading Heidi (which is historically not my favorite book, but I’m trying to embrace it). We reviewed nouns and proper nouns in grammar. She is restarting the four-year history cycle, so we started with how to study history and what archeology is, and how nomads became farmers. This year, she’s learning about land animals in science, but we started by talking about the different kinds of animal careers (she had already been thinking about being a vet someday!). Ladybug decided we should read the Lord of the Rings trilogy as a read-aloud, so we read the first chapter of The Fellowship of the Ring.

Next week, we’re planning on adding some cooking to our school days like we did last year…we’re going to be trying some recipes related to the Lord of the Rings!

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