2022-23 School Year–Week Twelve

Fun things first! Monday was a mostly fun day, split between reading creepy stories for Halloween (mostly Poe, featuring “The Tell-Tale Heart” and “The Raven”), and stories about Martin Luther and the Reformation. We also worked on our final The Nightmare Before Christmas dinner for October, which included the Witches Cauldron Brew (full of fantastic fall flavors), Christmas Tree Empanadas with picadillo filling (possibly my favorite recipe we tried all month), and a Sally Patchwork Layer Cake, which Ladybug decorated by herself:

And then there was regular school work. Ladybug learned the quadratic formula in algebra 2. She also learned how to balance equations in chemistry, which I think is fun, and she…does not. In history, she had her first introduction to Mecca, and also read about Justinian and Theodora and the Bubonic Plague. In creative writing, she worked on fantasy writing. We finally made it to the part where the fellowship is established and sets off in The Fellowship of the Ring.

Chickadee is really into long division in math now! We finished Homer Price, and began reading Centerburg Tales, just to find out what happens next. She learned about the difference between monkeys and apes in science (not that she didn’t already know that from Veggie Tales!). We started reading about Crete in history, including the story of the Minotaur. In grammar, she reviewed the list of prepositions, and learned how to identify the object of the preposition.

I’m hoping the weather next week is as nice as they’re saying it’s going to be, because we have something fun planned!

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