Mani Monday–Do You Believe in Magnets?

Today is a very special Mani Monday, because I’m taking a look at both a new-to-me brand of nail polish I recently tried, as well as a new-to-me formula of nail polish!

I’ve been aware of Holo Taco for a while now, but they really caught my eye when they introduced a collection of magnetic nail polish. I’ve also been aware of the concept of magnetic nail polish for quite some time, but I’ll be honest…I didn’t understand how it worked, and I really wasn’t interested in finding out. The colors of this collection were what really captured my attention…from left to right, Wicked Potion, Queen’s Curse, Twice in a Blue Moon, Love Spell, Fairy Tail:

That fabulous color selection made me want to find out just what makes magnetic nail polish special (and what makes it work!). Fortunately, Holo Taco has a video on their website that shows exactly how to use the magnet to achieve different looks, and when I saw it in action, I understand to purpose of the wand and how the patterns appear.

For my first Holo Taco mani, I went with Wicked Potion and Love Spell, for a twist on the traditional red and green of Christmas. I didn’t get the magnetic lines quite right (my middle daughter had much greater success with her first attempt!), but it was fun to do, and still looked cool when it was done:

For my second attempt, I chose Queen’s Curse. I think I did an even worse job with the magnet this time (or maybe I didn’t put on a thick enough coat of nail polish), because I really can’t see the magnet line at all, but the color is gorgeous!

I’m looking forward to practicing with the magnet more until I get the mani right, and I’m also excited about trying out the other two colors in the collection!

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