2022-23 School Year–Week Nineteen

February has arrived…at least it’s a short month!

Ladybug continued to work with everybody’s favorite word problems featuring “distance equals rate times time” in algebra 2 this week. We started a new chapter in chemistry, focusing on acids and bases. She finished Part One of To Kill a Mockingbird. The theme for our recent cooking adventures was salad…Ladybug had two salads in her memory that I used to make for lunch that she wanted to learn to prepare, so after a lot of googling trying to find just the right recipes, she made Mediterranean tuna salad and orzo salad with fennel, cranberries, and mozzarella:

Chickadee practiced finding the greatest common factor of two numbers in math. She learned about buffalo, bison, and other cattle in science. We started reading about Rome in history…and we’ll continue reading about them for a while, because there’s just so much to cover! We got to the part in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe where Aslan dies, and even though I knew it was coming, I cried. She reviewed contractions (and how to diagram them) in grammar.

The weather is supposed to be unseasonably warm next week, so maybe we’ll get out of the house for an adventure!

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