Mani Monday

I may not have enough Holo Taco Loyal-Tea rewards points to be “Holo Royalty,” but that didn’t stop me from ordering the Holo Royalty Debut Trio, designed by Holo Royalty level members, when it was launched. Starting with the index finger, “Toe Beans” (holographic pink), “Royal Crush” (purple frosted metal) and “Glamethyst” (purple holographic glitter), with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel “Hi Ho Silver” on the thumb and pinky nails. Royal Crush is my favorite of the three colors, but I can’t lie…glamethyst has the best name!

Holo Taco always has amazing packaging…I love that when you line up the boxes from this collection, they make a crown!

As always, it’s almost impossible to capture just how glittery the nail polish is, but it definitely rivals my Loungefly sequin bag for sparkle!

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