Sartorial Saturday–The Linen Love Continues

Earlier this season, after a long-standing “no linen” policy for my wardrobe, I decided to give a linen dress from Miss Candyfloss a try, and it quickly became one of my favorite pieces. Well I’m back with a second linen dress, the Rebecca-Pia, in the same checkered pattern (but different color), and with my favorite neckline/bodice!

It’s so light and lovely for summer!

I added a sunhat (very practical for summer) and gloves (not so practical, but they look nice!) to my double stack of Splendette duchess bangles:

Since I wore this dress for the first time on my birthday, I made sure to pair it with my Erstwilder birth flower brooch…luckily for me, they’re a good match!

I love the muted shade of pink of the dress!

The one thing I will say about linen is that I find it a bit scratchy…it’s definitely not as smooth as cotton or some of the blends of my other dresses. But it is cool for summer, and once I embraced the fact that it wrinkles, pretty worry-free!

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