Sartorial Saturday–The Summer 2023 Charity Apron

Last summer, Rare Dirndl introduced a charity apron in support of Alex’s Lemonade Stand…they’re back this year with a beautiful sunflower edition supporting Mercy Corps, an organization with a mission to “to alleviate suffering, poverty, and oppression by helping people build secure, productive, and just communities.”

Mercy Corps is currently on the ground in Ukraine (thus the beautiful sunflower print with contrasting blue ribbon in the apron ties), as well as Romania and Poland, and they are working specifically to aid Ukrainian refugees by supporting organizations that provide medical supplies and food items.

I accessorized with (what else?), lots of flowers! I kind of wish I had a floral crown with sunflowers, but at least the blue flower in this one matches the ribbon on the apron, right? I also pinned my edelweiss clip to my dirndl in place of a brooch. I didn’t wear my edelweiss necklace this time, though…instead I went bold with my stag!

This is not just an apron with a conscience, it’s also perfect for summer! Since it is such a great look for warm weather, I swapped out the shoes I normally pair with dirndls for a pair of well-loved Birkenstocks, and I think they’re the perfect footwear for this dress and apron combo!

I really want to wear this to a sunflower field when they’re in full bloom!

Erika kindly gifted me this apron, so I didn’t have to make a purchase to help fund the charity’s effort. Instead, I made a donation directly to the organization, and I encourage you to find a charity to support this summer, too!

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