A Road Trip Inspired by M*A*S*H–Day Three

We were up extra early on the third day of our trip, because we were headed to Cincinnati!

On the way to the zoo, we stopped in Covington, KY, to see this new Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland-themed bench that is part of a project to bring literacy and artistic expression together by the Kenton County Public Library Foundation. I love a public art installation!

On to the Cincinatti Zoo!

One of the main reasons we wanted to visit the Cincinatti Zoo specifically is because they have little blue penguins (just like Roald from Animal Crossing!), and I have always wanted to see them!

The other main reason for our visit was to see as much of their hippo bloat as possible. Not only did we see all four hippos, Fritz put on quite a show, doing his best to harass his big sister, Fiona!

There’s even a special “Bloat Float,” featuring grape soda over vanilla soft-serve, available at the zoo this summer!

We also saw quite a few different kinds of pigeons, including the Victoria Crowned Pigeon:

It was a beautiful day to walk around the zoo!

On our way to Toledo, we stopped in Lima to eat at Kewpee Hamburgers, the second-oldest fast food chain in the country. The location that we stopped at dates back to 1928…what is the 20s version of mid-century marvelous?!? Moderne marvelous perhaps? It was a cool place, the food was good and also surprisingly cheap!

After we ate, we finally made our way to the main destination of our trip…Toledo, OH!

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