Sartorial Saturday–Lace Dirndl Blouses

I’ve been wearing dirndls long enough now to know what I really like in a look. While I do have a few other true dirndl blouses, and a few tops beyond those that also work well with a dirndl, I’ve come to realize that my favorite type of blouse to wear is the always-elegant lace dirndl blouse! I’ve built up a good collection of them in my wardrobe, so I have options for different occasions/events/weather.

My first lace dirndl blouse (and still one of my favorites) is a lovely, elbow-length, v-neck style in white:

I love white, but sometimes, it’s a bit too stark (for example, with the harlequin dirndl pictured here, which has a background that is definitely not white), so I was really excited when I was able to add an ivory blouse to my closet:

I know lace isn’t a warm fabric to begin with, but sometimes in chilly weather, you want something that provides a bit more coverage, even in sheer lace, and this three-quarter sleeve blouse in white is perfect for that. It also has a crewneck, which is very different from anything else I have, and also adds a bit extra coverage:

I also have a three quarter-sleeve blouse in black, and not only does it have longer-length sleeves than some of my blouses, it also has some added sparkle:

Finally and most recently, I added a true short-sleeve, v-neck blouse in white, which is great for summer:

White is the most popular color choice in my wardrobe which makes sense because it goes with everything and is easy to wear in bright sun or on hot days. I love that even though I have three blouses in that shade, they’re all different, from three different sleeve lengths to different patterns of lace and even a special overlay on one. I also love that for the times I don’t feel like wearing white, I have some other good options, too. Thanks to the fact that Rare Dirndl imports beautiful blouses in a wide variety of styles, and more importantly, sizes, I wouldn’t be surprised if I added something else to my closet eventually!

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