Ladybug Turns Seven!

Today is Ladybug’s seventh birthday. I’ve been looking forward to this birthday for almost a year. Here’s why:


Last year, not long after Ladybug turned six, American Girl announced that they were retiring the one doll Ladybug had always wanted…Molly. She thought this meant that she was never going to be able to have her. What she didn’t know, was that I went out and bought Molly the day they announced the retirement, and put her away for this birthday. Ladybug was confused when she opened the box, and then ecstatic. I’m so happy we could do this for her!

For the first time, she requested a non-decorated cake for her birthday. She decided she wanted me to make the Schlafly sticky toffee pudding cake. I was happy to comply!


Happy birthday little Ladybug!


Retiring Molly

Today was kind of a sad day:


This was sad for me because Molly was the last of the original three American Girl dolls standing. They had already retired the doll I had (Kirsten), and the doll most of my friends had (Samantha), plus the not-quite-original, but also not-quite-second-wave doll (Felicity). While they have introduced new characters, there was something about knowing that one of the dolls that had been in the catalog when I was a little girl was still in the catalogs that my girls pour over.

This was especially sad for Ladybug, because Molly is the doll she wants. Ever since she got her glasses when she was three, and noticed that Molly had glasses, too, she has been waiting to get her. Seeing the Molly movie several times has just made Ladybug love her more. I almost got Molly for her birthday this year, but I didn’t think Ladybug was quite responsible enough to take care of her. Hearing this news was rather crushing, I’m afraid.

American Girl claims to have new historical projects on the horizon, and I hope this is true. I’m sure the “Dolls of Today” are big money makers for them, but I’d hate to see them abandon what made the original company great…focusing on American history!

The Greatest Compliment I Ever Received

Tonight, Bunny and I had a “girls’ night.” Basically, that meant that she got to pick a movie for us to watch together. She chose Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front, since she recently read the whole Molly series of books.

After the movie, we were talking about what a movie about Bunny would look like, if someone made one 50 years from now. So, I asked her what made her special, what someone might want to share in a movie. She thought for a moment, then responded, “I have the nicest Mommy.”

I really think that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me.

Yes, I cried a little. I never would have thought that she would see me as what makes her special. Of course, after I dried my eyes, we talked about things about her, specifically, and why she herself is special. I wanted to make sure she could think of some things that are unique and special about her, without talking about me.

But still. She sees me as what makes her special. And that made me feel special!