Apple Picking 2014

This afternoon, the children and I went to Eckert’s to pick some apples. This is the first time we’ve gone apple picking this year, but it probably won’t be the last…we only picked about eight pounds! It was just a little too warm to get into the proper fall spirit, but that certainly didn’t make the apples any less delicious!

We’re hoping to go back to Eckert’s this weekend to pick pumpkins…it’s just one of our very favorite places to visit, especially during fall!

At the Apple Orchard

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon at Eckert’s¬†fun farm and apple orchard in Millstadt, IL. This yearly event has become a favorite family activity!

We finally got to see the Jack-O-Lobber, (a giant pumpkin cannon) in action!

Turkey was even chose to go up on stage and help. I think it was the highlight of his week!

The pumpkins shot out of the cannon so fast, all I could get a picture of was smoke, so you’ll just have to trust me–they were super fast, and when they exploded on impact, it was pretty cool!

The children got to go on some fun rides–even Moose tried them all out, even though he was a little reluctant at first.

Of course, the highlight of the afternoon was the tractor ride out to the orchard.

We picked, (and ate), some very delicious, (if you’ll pardon the pun!), apples.

And we got lost in the corn maze (or, as it’s known around here, the maize maze!). This is what happens when Ryan sends me in alone with the children, and Turkey leads the way. At least we finally found our way out–after following another family that actually seemed to have a clue. What can I say? I have very little pride left!

It was a beautiful, fall-like day to be there, and we all had a great time!