Baby Birds–The Next Generation

To be fair, I have no way of knowing if this nest belongs to one of the robins we watched grow last year. We did learn in our studies that sometimes robins do go back to where they were hatched to lay eggs, though, so I’m choosing to believe that this is the next generation of “our” robin family!

A Surprise Visitor

When Turkey looked out the back window at lunchtime one day this week, he was greeted by this surprise visitor:

I’m going to assume that this is one of “our” baby birds…otherwise, it’s not a very good story! Anyway, Baby Robin let us get quite close to her, and I got a few good pictures. I found her spotted breast to be quite amusing–it gives her quite a tiger-y look–not what you expect from a tiny robin!

It was fun to see one of the babies almost two weeks after she left the nest–we had all been wondering just where they went, but at least now we know it wasn’t too far!

And Then There Was One

Sometime between yesterday and today, three of the four baby birds left the nest, leaving one little bird all by itself. I guess I thought we’d see them trying to fly, and hopping around the yard, and doing whatever it is that baby birds do, so I was pretty surprised that they left without us noticing.

At least the one that’s left finally looks comfortable…they’ve been pretty crammed in there, without any room for stretching!