2022-23 School Year–Week Ten

This week, Ladybug learned binomial theorem in algebra 2, and I’ve been singing the Pirates of Penzance ever since! She finished part one (the first five chapters) of The Scarlet Letter. She moved on to adjective clauses in grammar (and a few adverb clauses snuck in, too). She finished up the chapter on molecular geometry in chemistry (and Turkey gave her a tip he learned in his college chemistry class!). In history, she read about Buddhism in China. We made another dinner from The Nightmare Before Christmas cookbook…Igor Cheesy Breadstick Bones, Worm’s Wort and Frog’s Breath (asparagus, potato, and leek) Soup, and Lock, Shock, and Barrel Spiral Peppermint Cookie Pops for dessert.

Chickadee found averages in math, and continued estimating. She finished the chapter on marsupials in science, learning about the one kind of marsupial we have close to home, the Virginia opossum. We reviewed types of sentences in grammar, and the proper ending punctuation for each. We continued to read Homer Price. She learned about the Phoenicians and the return of Assyria and Ashurbanipal in history.

Hopefully next week we’ll get out of the house for a field trip!