One Jacket, Two Ways–Skirt vs. Jeans

Time for another fashion report. This time, I’m focusing on my favorite Calvin Klein jacket that I bought last year at Macy’s. It’s the most beautiful shade of purple, and it’s a moto jacket, which is new for me. Here I paired it with a solid top and patterned skirt, and then with a patterned top and jeans.

I love wearing it with everything. Dressed up with skirts, dressed down with jeans…it doesn’t matter. I also love adding another pop of color to the outfit, and since the jacket is such a beautiful shade, it doesn’t get drowned out by the accessories. It’s one of my favorite pieces of clothing!

One Outfit, Two Ways–The Striped Skirt, Part Three

Here’s the last look I built around my recent clearance find at Macy’s, a striped, A-line, Calvin Klein skirt. This time, I added a basic black cami, and a beautiful purple faux-leather moto jacket (also Calvin Klein), that I got last year. I can’t decide if I like the more subtle accessories that let the jacket be the highlight of the outfit better, or if I like the extra color the pink gives…either way, I love this look!

Tomorrow I’ll have a totally new look that will fit a “Tutu Tuesday” theme!

One Outfit, Two Ways–The Striped Skirt, Part Two

Here’s the second outfit I built around the Calvin Klein striped skirt I got at Macy’s. This time, I went with black and white on top, too, and let my accessories be the only pop of color. Again, it’s amazing what just changing out accessories can do for a look!

Tomorrow I’ll have one more look for this skirt…stay tuned!

One Outfit, Two Ways–The Striped Skirt, Part One

You may have noticed that I’m trying to post more about fashion. I really do think that I dress well, but I’m usually hesitant to post pictures of myself because, to be honest, I don’t think I have a pretty face. Since I do dress well, however, I’ve decided to get over myself and share some outfit ideas.

This is the first of a three-part series that focuses on a striped, Calvin Klein, A-line skirt I recently purchased from Macy’s. I’ve found many different ways to wear it, starting with today’s outfit, where I paired it with a bright blue twinset.

You can see how switching the accessories out has changed the look of the outfit, even the clothes are the same in both pictures. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing another outfit featuring this skirt, and with another two sets of accessories. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration here to try out this fall!