Nativity Scenes from Around the World–2017 Edition

The 12 Days of Christmas aren’t over yet!

In 2014, we visited the Cathedral of St. Peter in Belleville to see a display of nativity scenes from around the world. We had the chance to go there again last month, where they had a similar display, but with many different nativities than the last time we were there!

There is no doubt about where some of the nativity scenes came from:

My personal favorite was from Germany, although I guess the origin of this one wasn’t as obvious:

I love how unique and beautiful they all were…especially the ones made out of unusual materials, like shells!

The most talked about item was the “hipster nativity scene.” While I wouldn’t want it on display in my home, it certainly was food for thought. There were some things about it that really make me hope that this isn’t how history remembers us, though! Here are some of the things we noticed about it:

  • Solar panels on the stable roof
  • Drone on the stable roof
  • Joseph, sporting man-bun and barefoot, taking selfies
  • Mary, Starbucks cup, duck-face, and possible Uggs
  • Shepherd with an iPad and a sheep with a Christmas sweater
  • Wise men on Segways sporting a combination of fedoras, sunglasses, facial hair, scarves, suspenders, and skinny pants, carrying Amazon boxes
  • 100% organic cow with gluten-free feed

I love seeing how different cultures depict something that has become so common to me!

Belleville’s Cathedral of Saint Peter

The Cathedral of Saint Peter in Belleville is not only a beautiful building, but thanks to the height of its steeple, is one of the most recognizable buildings in town.




Originally built in 1866, and then renovated in 1956, its style is mostly Gothic Revival, but the modern style can also be seen in places.

The interior is modeled after the Exeter Cathedral in The United Kingdom.


There are many beautiful details inside:

And much stained glass:

There is no missing that this is the seat of the bishop!

I highly recommend finding an opportunity to visit this beautiful church!


An Unusual Advent Wreath

We saw this Advent wreath at the Belleville Cathedral Sunday, and I think it’s the most unusual Advent wreath I’ve ever seen. It’s very pretty in its own unique way!


Nativity Scenes from around the World

Belleville’s Cathedral of Saint Peter is currently hosting a display of nativity scenes from around the world. It was the first time we had seen such a display, and, even though we’ve been in Belleville for eight years now, the first time we had been in the Cathedral. It was quite a treat!

I was amazed how the same subject (Christ’s birth), could be displayed in such different ways from country to country. We saw jewelry, plates, gingerbread, candles, eggs, an igloo, and even a Fanta can nativity! Each one was different, and each beautiful in its own way. It was wonderful seeing Christ’s birth proclaimed across the world in different ways!