A Christmas Tradition


Every year, we go to St. Charles, MO, to take part in their Christmas Traditions festival. There are storybook characters (we got to see Clara and the Nutcracker prince), Santas from around the world (Father Christmas is always a favorite, even though we don’t “do” Santa), as well as other Christmas characters (including my favorite, the Master of Revels, who specializes in giving everyone a hard time).

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The children loved meeting the different characters, and collecting their cards. Out of the 29 available, I think we only missed six characters, which is the best we’ve ever done! One of these years, we’ll find them all.


We also got to hear several groups of carolers, who stay true to character and only sing carols written prior to about 1890. The fife and drum corps was also quite a hit with the children, and you can hear them coming all the way down the street!


This is definitely one of our favorite Christmas traditions, and something we look forward to all year long!


Merry Christmas!

The children had their Christmas portrait taken today, so from all of them, “Merry Christmas!”


As I was annoyed with the studio, and the whole portrait process, I took a picture of them at home, too, and I think it’s pretty cute as well!


So Pretty!

Ryan surprised me with the most beautiful early Christmas present today–he said he didn’t want me to have to wait to wear it on my new jacket (otherwise known as my one and only Black Friday steal, at $50, for a nice, knee-length wool coat!)!


I saw this beautiful brooch in the window of our downtown jewelry store last weekend when we went for the tree lighting. I admired it in the window, but frankly, I didn’t think Ryan had really even noticed. So, you can imagine my surprise when I opened the box and found it inside. It’s so pretty and sparkly, and I just love it!