Corsair Distillery

One of the things I wanted to do while we were in Kentucky was visit a distillery, since it seems like such a Kentucky thing to do. We were all shocked to learn that there’s an operating distillery right in the heart of downtown Bowling Green!


The decor when you first enter the Corsair building is very cool, and you definitely get a feel for what they do!

The behind-the-scenes of how different kinds of whiskey are made is interesting, and quite different from the brewery tours we’ve been on, which is what I was going for. We also learned a bit about the history of the company…I was surprised to learn that they actually got their start bottling gin!

At the end of the tour, you can do a tasting…I tried some very good things (especially the rye whiskey), and one that was really gross (absinthe).



I enjoyed having an opportunity to learn and try something new!

Markel Family Summer Vacation–Days One and Two

Last Monday, we packed up the car, and headed out for almost a week for our first-ever Markel family vacation. Our first stop was Bowling Green, KY, to visit Ryan’s parents. The first day was pretty much driving and family time, plus the children got to go bowling, ride bumper cars, and play skee ball without me, much to my chagrin!


On day two, we toured the National Corvette Museum, a place I had never been before. It was fun seeing all of the cars, and terrifying seeing how large the sink hole that had swallowed up several of the cars there had been!


We also visited the Corsair distillery to learn how whiskey is made. We’re very familiar with the beer brewing process, but this was something totally different. I was very impressed with how efficient their very small operation is!


The distillery is located on the Fountain Square in downtown Bowling Green, so we walked around there a bit, as well. There were many beautiful old buildings to admire!


And we stopped by Western Kentucky University, Grandpa’s alma mater, to see the campus and admire the beautiful view from the top of the hill!