Chickadee Thursday

Turkey has a Darth Vader mask in his closet. And for the longest time, Chickadee was terrified of it. She didn’t want to see it on the shelf or on any of her siblings, and sometimes, she would freak out if she saw Turkey approaching the closet, because she was certain he was going to put it on.

And then, this week, she decided that she loves it. She follows Turkey around when he’s wearing it, instead of running away shrieking:

And sometimes, if she asks very nicely, Turkey will even let her wear it!

May The Force Be With You

Turkey has a bad ear infection, which kept him up most of last night, and necessitated a trip to the doctor this afternoon. When we stopped at Target to get his prescription filled, I bought him a small Lego Star Wars set as a reward for being so brave when he was hurting, and so polite to the doctor and nurse.

When we got home, he excitedly tore into the box, and in addition to the packs we were expecting with droids and a little ship, we also discovered a surprise Darth Vader bag, with a web address on it. Curious, I looked it up, and here’s what I found:

Isn’t that awesome? What a nice treat for a little boy who doesn’t feel well!